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  • BigBirdGuy

I agree with our member. Ostrich is considered livestock on a federal level and most if not all states recognize them the same way. Regarding zoning, the proper location in most cases would be deemed Agriculture or something similar that would allow barnyard species. Since Ostrich are classified as agriculture in most states there shouldn't be any state sales tax paid on their food as well. The zoning would be left up to your local community. It's easy to check with your city, county or parish.

  • user524565

What I found out is that raising animals is regulated by the municipality where you live. It's a local zoning issue. I don't have any license and the people I know that raise ostrich also don't need any license.

  • Guest - Casey

Good evening! I was wondering in which states raising ostriches is legal? If so, does it require a special license just to own the birds? Thank you!