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  • BigBirdGuy

Please enter into the search engine on the home page "Meat Processor Texas" and the name and contact information of a USDA Slaughter Facility will appear there.

  • tewodvot

At one time, there were multiple processing facilities in Texas that would slaughter and process ostriches--either state or USDA inspected. Currently, there are a few that have expressed a desire to again process ostriches under USDA inspection. The mandatory inspection of ostriches by the USDA 's Food Safety and Inspection Service requires a facility to have both a poultry and red meat inspection grant. Thus, some facilities that may currently desire to process ostriches find that they must obtain the other type of inspection grant if the facility only has one type of inspection grant already in place. The facility must also have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan approved and in place for slaughtering and processing ostriches before the facility can proceed. Even after obtaining the proper regulatory compliance for processing ostriches, a facility needs sufficient numbers of ostriches supplied for processing to make the slaughter and processing of ostriches a worthwhile endeavor for the facility.

There are facilities in Texas that have informed AOA members that they would like to slaughter and process ostriches. Such facilities are in the process of seeking additional information or attempting to obtain the proper approvals to process ostriches. It may be helpful to contract custom slaughter and processing facilities in your local area and converse with them about ostriches in order to make the facilities aware that there is a demand for such services.

  • Guest

Are there any slaughter facilities for ostrich in Texas?