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cure shell-less egg

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Sorry to hear of the troubles with your hen's laying. If she is having trouble trying to pass an egg, it may be best to call a veterinarian because the condition could be serious if the eggshell breaks inside of her. It also sounds like she may have an infection that is causing the soft-shelled eggs. If that is the case, some antibiotics may be required to help clear up the infection. Hopefully the issue can be cured and she will produce many eggs for you.
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hi to all
one of my ostrich lay a shell-less egg (an egg without shell )
i try (5 cc) E-Se injection and she lay an egg with two shell (one complete shell and one incomplete and calciumy shell!!!) once but shell-less egg continued and after 3 shell-less egg i tried 10 cc E-Se injection and she had no lay anymore.
yesterday after 1 month i saw that she had pressure of laying and try to lay egg but nothing!!!!
and she defecation is hard with lot of pressure.]
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