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Shelter when tempatures get cooler

Replied by user524565 on topic Shelter when tempatures get cooler

The chicks are quite hardy at that age. No need to worry about being in the rain. 50 degrees is not a concern either. It would be a good idea to put a 250 watt heat lamp (a red one) in the shelter. The red light at night should attract them to go in when they are cold. Since you are just starting the heat lamp, you might want to chase them in the shelter and close it off so they can't get out. Do this for about a week, then perhaps they will figure it our on their own. A good idea for next season is to always have the heat lamp on at night from the time you first put them out.
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Me again....
I've been reading and getting different answers.

I'm in central Alabama and temperatures are dropping with rain. The chicks are 5 to 6 months old. They have a 20X20 open shelter they can use, but they won't use it even when it's raining and it's below 50 degrees. I feed them under the shelter when it rains, so they are comfortable using it; they just don't stay under it or use it at night.

At what point do I put them in the barn. Do they need a heat source?
Should I put them in the barn every night regardless?

They don't act uncomfortable or cold but with all that bare skin I can't help but think they have to be, especially since their feathers don't protect them against rain.

Thank you in advance!
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