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  • BigBirdGuy

The board is currently putting together plans to form a committee to select a location. The last General Meeting was held last March in Dallas. There's a possibility that the next meeting might also be held in March.

  • memb262830

Thank you

When and where is the next general meeting scheduled?

  • BigBirdGuy

There are so many different techniques that are used to move large quantity of ostrich that your answer cannot be easily answered here. Plan to attend the next General meeting and discuss with other members and panelists. Certainly a consideration is all the different layouts and how to move the bird to wherever the holding mechanism is. Just one example would be not having to move a bird through other population of birds. Smaller operations often set up portable panels in the birds area, hood the bird and move it in there. Leaving the hood on and having three people available, the bird is pushed into a corner and held there while the service is performed. Really not that complicated. I'm going to send your inquiry to with a request to locate a member you can speak with.

  • memb262830

Are there "plans" or guidelines for Ostrich handling equipment?

Like chutes or alleyways to move them from point A to point B or for a stanchion/crush/stall to put birds in so they can be worked on. (Be it doctoring, marking, examining, whatever)

I've seen the videos putting bags over their heads but that's not going to hold the bird safely while you mess with a leg band or have to doctor them.

What do other breeders do?