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Insurance for Ostrich

Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Insurance for Ostrich

tewodvot is absolutely correct. You might also contact your local Farm Bureau since they are usually associated with insurance companies that specialize in that type of insurance. Ostrich is included in the USDA inspection process and that identifies with livestock. The section of the USDA site you refer to may have not have been updated. Please let us know how you resolved the issue, as it would be helpful to our members that wish to insure. As a side note, I'm not aware of any members that insure their ostriches.
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Replied by tewodvot on topic Insurance for Ostrich

Insurance for ostriches was a common occurrence back in the 1990's when the value of the birds was so high. There were different types of coverage that could be purchased depending upon the needs of the purchaser. For instance, there were policies just to cover transport and hauling of ostriches in case injury or death occurred while transporting the birds. There were also polices to cover general risk and injury. Often, the companies writing insurance had a minimum age requirement and small chicks under 4-6 months of age could not be insured. Almost all insurance policies required a veterinarian examination, blood work, and health certificate prior to any policy being written. Even at the time, the companies writing such policies were not numerous. I would suggest doing an internet search for exotic livestock insurers and call to get some rates and coverage parameters.
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This message was received via e-mail from a guest: "I wanted to know what kinds of insurance companies (liability, livestock, etc) do you guys work with? I have read that USDA provides a list of insurance companies that insure livestock. But their definition of livestock are cattle, sheep, goats, pigs. I did not review any reputable insurance company that focused or mentioned Ostrich. Can you please guide me to get an estimate of the cost as I develop my business".
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