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Handling Ostrich

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Unlike Blues and Blacks, Rednecks have an extremely strong neck muscle. Offering some general information that applies to all species, always have their head down at least to your waist when you are hooding the bird. Never go up to hood the ostrich, always bring them down to you. When their head is down it is difficult for them to kick. Since you provided a phone number I will be sure that you are contacted to have someone to discuss various techniques.
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I am the Area Manager for the African Watering Exhibit at
a major east coast zoo. The exhibit includes
white rhinos, common zebra, and red necked ostrich. I
was looking to gain more experience in ostrich handling
and restraint for husbandry/medical purposes. Would you be
able to suggest a contact to help me with this? Any
information would be helpful!
Thank You,
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