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  • BigBirdGuy

On the home page of this site is a presentation of providing a great deal of information. There is also a Frequently asked questions area as well. As a member there is a cost estimating toll available as well. Additionally there are periodic webinars and meetings where you can discuss your situation with other member Ranchers.

  • Guest - Mo

I am from Florida. Have about 10 acres of land. Planning to start ostrich farm.
1) where can I get information about how to start ostrich farm
2) Any farms in Florida .
3) cantact information of any local farmers that I can give their expert advice for beginners.
4) Market analysis, interns of consumption or demand

Appreciate your input

  • itpredmo

RE: GA as a place to raise ostrich. It should be fine. Ostriches like grazing and running. If you can provide that, they will grow. I know farmers raise them in Canada and Texas -- two very different environments. It would be good to have a warm dry place for chicks -- shelter with access to a grazing area. Young chicks need to have a place to get warm if the weather is cool or wet.

  • Guest

Hi there
I would like to start ostrich farming in Georgia around the Norcross area may you please answer some of beginning questions Thanks
1- is Georgia weather good for raising ostrich ?
2- is there any class or license cross in Georgia ?
3- what should the distance be from residency area ?
4- how much should the capital be to start for small farm ?
5- is there any Association agency in the Atlanta ?