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Tons of Questions

Replied by Guest - Carrie on topic Tons of Questions

I am sorry to jump in here, but I live in Michigan, as well. I am interested in raising ostriches but am having difficulties finding any. Could you tell me how you were able to get a trio?


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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Tons of Questions

Tom, please accept my apology for the loss of the carry forward on your membership. I'll be in touch with Sharon today and have a user ID issued to you. I would like to ask you to please send me an e-mail through the contact form to identify yourself and provide me with your e-mail address for verification with the old manual files. I will be sure that this situation is corrected immediately, so we can move forward to assisting you quickly. Please allow 24 hours. Thank you.
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Replied by Tom on topic Tons of Questions

Please forgive me for not renewing yet but I must admit I'm a little disappointed that the $75 I invested in a one year membership sometime late last May or early June does not leave a record for me as a member. It is correct that I do not have a log-in for the new website, likely because I haven't renewed yet, but a one year membership should be for one year. I'm simply looking for a few answers in my previous post to help us complete the next stage of preparation so we can finally get our birds this spring. I planned to renew when my membership was actually due. I have several emails saved between myself and Ms. Sharon about my membership and discussing a shipping issue on the starter kit she was sending me. (the information I referenced in my last post).

Thank you for your grace and I would still be very appreciative of any info to help us to build our barn appropriately, even though I have not yet renewed for the new benefits of the AOA.
Most Sincerely,
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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Tons of Questions

Tom, our records do not indicate that you are a member. All members have a user ID. Perhaps you missed our call for renewal. We are currently in our open enrolment period and have a new on-line application. I hope you consider joining or re-joining the association. For very little cost, being a member shows other ostrich ranchers that you are committed to the industry. There are additional advantages to network with these serious ranchers and get information that may not be available to the general public. Here's the direct link to join: www.ostriches.org/about-aoa/membership If you have birds or are acquiring birds then this is the place that can be of help. Since 1988, members prefer to talk to members..
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Replied by Guest - Tom on topic Tons of Questions

So if 1/3 acre is needed for a pair, would 1/2 an acre be sufficient for a trio?

Also, I'm in the planning stages for building a barn to provide shelter for the trio as well as building areas for chicks as they grow since we live in Michigan. I see a pretty good guide for how much room chicks need up to 8 weeks in the older primer the AOA sent me when I started my membership last summer. How about for older chicks? (I.e. 8 was to 4 months). After 4 months are they able to join a pen with yearlings or should there be another transition before that? If so, for how long and how much room per bird? Once they are in with yearlings, how much room per bird should they have?

I appreciate any assistance as I want to be sure we get the size barn we're going to need. All the birds will have shelter in the barn even if they are old enough to have access to a run, so I certainly don't want to invest in it and realize I needed more room before we even get started. The trio is all I plan to breed as we start so any tips as to what you've done for facilities, or would do if you were starting again would be wonderful. Even drawings of how you laid things out!

Thank you sincerely, in advance!
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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Tons of Questions

New growers that start out are usually starting small with just a pair or two of birds. They usually find it easier to just purchase Ratite pellets and transition to their own ration as they expand. Most incubators, including cheap modified game bird incubators have an automatic turning capability. Very soon our AOA web site will contain a data base supported by our members that can be searched by the public to locate growers, processing facilities, and other related businesses. This information should start showing up within the next few weeks. Be sure to check back.
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Replied by tewodvot on topic Tons of Questions

Many producers market their birds by word of mouth and by placing advertisements online to sell eggs or chicks. You mention raising birds for slaughter. You should first check for available ostrich processing facilities near you to slaughter and process the ostrich into finished meat product. Most producers do not have the benefit of being located in close proximity to an ostrich processing facility and are required to transport the birds to such a facility. However, that is changing and more USDA approved processing facilities are expressing an interest in processing ostriches.

Ostriches will generally perform best and be most comfortable with at least 1/3 acre or more per pair. Yes, the eggs require turning when incubating. Just as other poultry eggs must be turned in order to keep the developing embryo well supplied with nutrients and oxygen, ostrich eggs must also be turned as the embryo develops and grows. As to the feed rquiremens, alfalfa and corn can provide a large portion of the diet. Yet, the birds will also need some additional vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and protein--especially when breeding and producing eggs or when developing and growing as young ostriches. Their are pelleted commercial rations available from some livestock feed manufacturers.
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Tons of Questions was created by Guest - Landon

Im interested in farming ostrich, but I'm having trouble finding much info on it. The fist question i have is where and how do i market the birds, i would like to breed some birds and feed some up for slaughter.

I've read that you can put a bird pair to an 1/4 acre, is that correct?

When incubating the eggs is it a requirement that they be turned?

Do they need a special food ration or just alafa and grain?
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