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  • user838199

Our farm is in North Central Iowa. For many years we welcomed visitors, so others could enjoy our interesting birds. We are not encouraging tour and visits at this time, due to bio security to ward off Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. I am willing to consider a visit by a potential ostrich farmer after a discussion and agreement to follow some safety rules during such a visit. I believe you can find my information among the member data. We are about 6 hours driving time from Chicago.

  • BigBirdGuy

Please check back within the next two weeks. The AOA site is in the process of up-grading and will have availability at that time.

  • Guest - Natalya

I am from Chicago area and looking for a nearest working ostrich farm.
I want to visit a few ostrich farms from the same climate zone before making decision on starting my own
Thank you,