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  • BigBirdGuy

I believe the University of California at Davis offers that testing for Ostrich. Contact the Veterinary Department. They might also have their services listed on-line.

  • memb262830

I have a potential buyer for a couple of the birds....I had originally wanted 4 to 6 and ended up buying the chicks that were leftover so wound up with my 9 chicks. I wanted to at least sex them so I wouldn't sell all my hens or vice versa if there happened to be only two hens or never know. Normally straight run will be pretty close to 50/50 but I wanted to be safe.

Is there a place that verifies parentage? (As in this is a brother/sister and this is not) I am using a place in Florida for the DNA sexing but they don't do parentage on Ostrich.

Thank you for your help!

  • memb262830

Thank you for the information!
I will look them up!

  • BigBirdGuy

If you're using DNA to just sex, you might want to save your money because they will begin to color out starting as early as 11 months. The Roosters will get a little pink in the beak and have a few dark feathers leaning towards black. If you are using DNA to insure the relationship because the parents are unknown than DNA is a good idea to prevent the breeding of siblings.

  • user524565

I use NASCO and I order rubber adjustable leg tags. They come in colors and numbers You should order both the small and large sizes because at the current age you would need small and in just a few months you will be replacing with the large ones. You might want to also order what they call (I think) a knife. It's not really a knife, but a rounded edge you use to insert and adjust the bands. A small screw driver can also be used, but I think their knife is easier and less chance of scraping the bird.

  • memb262830

I have had my Ostrich chicks a few weeks now and am having entirely too much fun with them.
They are approximately 5 months old and growing fast.

Where can I get leg bands for Ostrich size legs? Or how do I identify the birds?
I plan on DNA sexing them soon and need a way to tell who is who when I get the results back.

Thank you in advance!