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Fertile eggs for hatching

Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Fertile eggs for hatching

In the 1990's the selling of fertile eggs was a disaster. The eggs were very expensive (See the industry history on this site) and lies and claims were abundant. Simply stated, if you've never hatched ostrich eggs you have the odds stacked against you on your first attempt. It's a lot of work until you gain experience and even if you do hatch a chick, it may not be a survivor for to long. Arguments ensued between buyer and seller if an expensive egg was indeed fertile but was nothing that could be proved, so buyer-beware. Scrupulous people always had fertile eggs to sell when they knew it was a gamble because the eggs might have been wet and muddy and full of bacteria, or came from a hen that had a history of non-production, or worse yet, bought the eggs and resold them. This buying and selling of eggs (often by ostrich ranchers acting like brokers) caused many people to lose money and was an element of the industry turn-down during our first chapter.
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Fertile eggs for hatching was created by Guest - Mike

Hello, I am looking for some fertile ostrich eggs to hatch. Do you know of anyone selling any? Thanks
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